Billy ODea

A common feature of a modern world, after our formative years, is migration to different parts of the country or indeed emigration to different parts of the world.

Everyone who does this is then automatically part of two worlds. This bilocation is the main narrative of the portrait painting of Billy O’Dea.

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Holidays are for …. working on new sculpture 🙂


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commission a portrait drawing for a birthday present

A lovely lady. Happy 80th birthday and she does not look eighty !!!

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Clay sculpture of young girl by artist Paul D'Arcy

Working on clay sculpture of a girl’s head at the moment.

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Sometimes a coffee break can give you inspiration for painting. All you need to do is be aware. This green plate against a lovely hot cherry bun just caught my eye.

 Coffee And A Bun   oil on canvas ... 24 X 20  inches

Coffee And A Bun
oil on canvas … 24 X 20 inches

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