A landscape paintingĀ is a popular commission and one which Paul enjoys very much.
Commissioning a painting is all about communication ; the landscape or seaside painting being commissioned needs to be discussed in terms of location , size , frame , budget and time frame.
The resulting painting can be either a work completed in studio or plein air (on location).
Generally a combination of the two works best.

Shenick Island , Skerries

Shenick Island , Skerries by Paul D'Arcy

LANDSCAPE PRICING ... for an oil painting completed & framed.

Guide lines outlined below will give you an idea of pricing. Naturally if you require a specific size this can be accommodated.

1. Typically a small Landscape oil painting is 490 euros ( 10 x 12 inch canvas )

2. A larger Landscape oil painting would be 800 euros ( 20 x 24 inch canvas )

TIME SCALE : These paintings can be completed within a two week period but are depended on Paul's work load at the time.

Click here to enquire about commissioning a Landscape or Seaside painting.

Paul loves to travel and will be only to happy to "travel anywhere in the world to complete a commission , :)".
Naturally travel outside the island of Ireland would need to be incorporated into the agreed commission price.
Please feel free to contact Paul about any enquiries you may have regarding an idea that you would like to discuss;
He will happily to talk to you , without any obligation on your part , regarding your idea , all you need to do is contact him.