One of Paul's exceptional abilities as an artist is to capture a sympathetic likeness in a portrait. He achieves this by working from photographs & life with the person in question. His personal approach and interaction allows him to get to know the person and as he puts it "is a crucial element to achieve a true image of a person."

Testimonial : “ My girlfriend lost her granddad in September 2019. I had an idea to create a portrait of him and found Paul through a friend who highly recommend him. When I met with Paul to see the final painting I was absolutely awestruck by the detail and quality of what he produced for me. He went above and beyond to recreate such a great portrait of such a great man. I would without question recommend Paul as an artist.” - Greg Cavey Dublin

Barry Cassin , Actor

Barry Cassin , Actor by Paul D'Arcy

A portrait can involve painting the sitter in their own environment and among their own possessions, adding to the sense of who the person is from a viewers point of view.
All commissioned paintings in the end are a collaboration between the artist and the sitter.

When commissioning a painting the following will be discussed and agreed before starting the painting - composition, medium, size, frame, budget and delivery date.


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Irish songwriter Sonny Condell by Paul D'Arcy

Over the years Paul has also painted a number of portraits posthumously.
This is a delicate matter and is handled with the greatest of respect.
Please note : that for a successful portrait in these cases
the quality and variety of photographs available of the deceased is important.

PORTRAIT PRICING ... for an oil painting completed & framed. There are a number of portraits types outlined and priced below :

1. BUST PORTRAIT ... typically concentrating on the head (approximate size 24 x 20 inches) 1,000 euro

2. HALF LENGTH PORTRAIT ... typically concentrating on head and shoulders (approximate size 30 x 24 inches) 1,500 euro

3. THREE QUARTER LENGTH PORTRAIT ... typically concentrating on Head , shoulders and hands and also possibly in a setting ie. on a chair in a room.
(approximate size 30 x 50 inches) 3,000 euro

4. FULL LENGTH PORTRAIT ... typically concentrating on Full length portrait, Head , shoulders , hands and feet and generally in a particular setting ie. a room or landscape
(approximate size 72 x 40 inches) 5,000 euro

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Group portraits, such as family groups, can also be commissioned.
These are more time consuming paintings and as a result are that bit more expensive and are dependent on depends on the number of figures complexity and size.


TIME SCALE : Commissioned oil portraits because of their complexity tend to take a couple of months to complete.

Download PDF examples of Paul D'Arcy portraits

Pet and animal portrait painting is also a speciality of Paul and the perfect way to capture your pets and have those memories forever.

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The cutest portrait I’ve been commissioned to paint in quite awhile - a pet portrait.
“Harper” , oil on panel , 63 x 50 cm

Pet portraits by artist Paul D'Arcy

Paul loves to travel and will be only to happy to "travel anywhere in the world to complete a commission , :)".
Naturally travel outside the island of Ireland would need to be incorporated into the agreed commission price.
Please feel free to contact Paul about any enquiries you may have regarding an idea that you would like to discuss;
He will happily to talk to you , without any obligation on your part , regarding your idea , all you need to do is contact him.