Commissioning a sculpture from artist Paul D'Arcy is a process of consultation and collaboration between you the client and the artist in which time is given to all aspects of the sculpture. Paul has created sculpture for private clients, architects, landscape architects/designers, public bodies, community groups and associations.


When commissioning a sculpture it is important to remember that there is more time and collaboration required between the artist and yourself as the client. This is because the process of creating the sculptural work requires a longer consultation period to determine the concept, size, timeline, materials and budget required for the sculpture. Paul works on both private sculptural commissions and corporate/public commissions.

Marking out stone

Guide lines outlined below will give you an idea and what's involved in the process of commissioning a sculpture.

1. Consultation with you the client to discover what it is you're looking for a sculpture.

Liaising with professions from Architects, engineers and other public bodies ( County Council or OPW ) where necessary.

2. From this consultation a brief is drawn up and a scaled maquette is made if required to visualise the sculpture. There is also a financial costing report which gives the client various options when it comes to the actual creation of the sculpture.

3. Following agreement with the client regarding design , material and costings; the sculpture is then completed and installed on site.

Contemplating Man by artist Paul D'Arcy

Time scale : Each sculpture has a unique timeline which is dictated by the deadline for the piece, the materials required and what is involved in producing the finished sculpture.

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Clay sculpture of young girl by artist Paul D'Arcy


Paul loves to travel and will be only to happy to "travel anywhere in the world to complete a commission , :)".
Naturally travel outside the island of Ireland would need to be incorporated into the agreed commission price.
Please feel free to contact Paul about any enquiries you may have regarding an idea that you would like to discuss;
He will happily to talk to you , without any obligation on your part , regarding your idea , all you need to do is contact him.

.... and for the investment minded people .....

Tax Advantages of Buying Artwork in Ireland.

Capital Allowance Wear & Tear
Legislation S284 TCA 1997 states:

Section 2
Where a corporate or individual tax payer buys a work of art and displays it at their business premises for the purpose of promoting their business, the work of art is treated as machinery or plant, and is eligible for the annual wear and tear allowance of 12.5% on a straight line basis.

It is recommended that you consult your accountant in relation to art related investments and where necessary approved by the Revenue Commissioners.